CONFESSION over finances

3John 2; Haggai 2:8

Father in Jesus’ name I thank you for your plans to prosper me.
Psalm 35 verse 27 says, you delight in the prosperity of your children;
Psalm 107:38 tells me You blessed Israel, and multiplied them greatly
We as a church at GOD’S Embassy declare that you are our Elshaddai and provider
You are the GOD of more and more
I declare that I receive financial assistance and abundance
I shall not lack and I shall not want
My needs are greatly met
My resources shall not be wasted
I shall not borrow
I decree that my debts are written off, my bills are paid-off
I receive divine ideas that will create wealth
I decree that my debts and bills are paid off

I walk under open heavens, I receive abundance, I do not lack. I shall never be poor again in my
I apply myself to diligence in all things
I create value and make impacts

Lord, teach me to multiply that which you have given me. Open my eyes to what I need to do in
order to create financial abundance
GOD teaches me to profit.

Henceforth, I will give to nations
I will use my resources to bless and spread the word of GOD throughout the earth

At GOD’s Embassy, we shall not lack, we shall not want
We are fruitful and we multiply
We sow greatly, and we receive an abundant increase of harvest and favour.
In Jesus mighty name. Amen.