Isaiah 60:1-3

In the name of Jesus I declare that kings come to my rising
I arise and shine for my light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen over me
His divine power has given unto me all things that pertain to life and Godliness
Everything I need is richly supplied
I find favour in my business and career
In all that I do, I prosper!

Like Daniel, I am preferred above other candidates and competitors
I am a success in my career and business
Every adversity before me, I command them to bow.

He that holds the key of David is with me
The door that He opens, no man can shut and the door He shuts,
No one can open.
I declare open doors for myriad mouthwatering opportunities for me in my workplace

I dedicate my career, my finances and all I have unto the Lord
I rebuke the devourer
I declare open heavens over me

I declare supernatural assistance, supernatural intervention and divine wisdom.
I declare that I possess uncommon insight into mysteries,
I have the mind of GOD,
I have the anointing of the Holy One and know all things.

The light shines in the midst of the darkness -
I subdue every power of darkness within and around my workplace
I command them to bow
Powers of witches, agents of darkness, I command you to flee.

I have favour, I stand before kings and not before mean men
I will not falter, I will not fail
By the excellent Spirit of the Lord, I am preferred above my competitors.
I go from Glory to Glory by the Spirit of the Lord. Amen.

(2Cor. 3:18; 1John 2:20; Isaiah 60:3; Daniel 6:1-3; Rev. 3:7).